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  • The Archaeology of Leshongwane Site in Eastern Botswana 

    Mothulatshipi, Sarah M.; Thabeng, Lokwalo O. (University of Botswana; www.ub.bw, 2015-07-09)
    This paper presents some preliminary results of an on-going research at Leshongwane Iron Age site located in eastern Botswana, near the copper-nickel mining town of Selibe-Phikwe. Except from skeletal and sporadic ...
  • Optical Features, Microstructure and Microanalysis of Botswana Agates 

    Jain, Pushpendra K.; Coetzee, Stephan H.; Diskin, Sorcha (University of Botswana; www.ub.bw, 2015-07-09)
    In Botswana agates are found in the north-eastern region of the Central District in the basalt from the 180 Ma Karoo volcanic rocks. Predominantly they are wall-lining agates but some vein agates can also be found. There ...
  • Traditional practices and youth rights in Botswana: striking a balance 

    Malinga-Musamba, Tumani (University of Botswana; www.ub.bw, 2015-07-09)
    Individual rights and protection and prohibition of discrimination against specific groups are reinforced by international legal instruments on human rights. Despite all these legal instruments that promote and encourage ...
  • Estimating Biodiversity in Remote Areas, Using Existing Vegetation Data: The Ngamiland Region 

    Vanderpost, Cornelis; Ringrose, Susan; Murray-Hudson, Mike (University of Botswana; www.ub.bw, 2015-07-09)
    In data-poor regions, especially when they are large and remote, the measurement of biodiversity presents considerable challenges. This paper explores a way of estimating regional patterns of biodiversity through a combination ...
  • Privatisation as a vehicle for economic development: an appraisal 

    Malema, Brothers Wilright; Kaelo, Galeage (University of Botswana; www.ub.bw, 2015-07-09)
    The ‘Neoclassical Counter Revolution’ school of thought emphasised privatisation as a vehicle for economic development. This school owes its existence to the political ascendancy to state power by conservative governments ...

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