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  • Sociocultural differences in self-construal and subjective wellbeing: a test of four cultural modelsl 

    Cheng, C.; Jose, P.E.; Sheldon, K.M.; Singelis, T.M.; Cheung, M.W.L.; Tiliouine, H.; Alao, A.A.; Chio, J.H.M.; Lui, J.Y.M.; Chun, W.Y.; De Zavala, A.G.; Hukuzimana, A.; Hertel, J.; Liu, J.T.; Onyewadume, M.; Sims, C. (JCCP,, 2011-07)
    In this study, the authors tested four cultural models—independence, interdependence, conflict, and integration—that describe the hypothesized relationships between dimensions of self-construal and components of subjective ...