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  • Educational research within postcolonial Africa: a critique of HIV/AIDS research in Botswana 

    Chilisa, B. (International Journal of Qualitative Studies in Education; Taylor & Francis [ ], 2005-11)
    This paper uses the postcolonial lens to highlight that mainstream research in postcolonial societies still ignores, marginalizes and suppresses other knowledge systems and ways of knowing. The marginalization of local ...
  • HIV/AIDS-anxiety among adolescent students in Botswana 

    Onyewadume, M.A. (Springer Netherlands,, 2008-09)
    This research investigated the incidence of HIV/AIDS anxiety among students in Botswana. The sample comprised 240 randomly selected students from six schools in three districts in Botswana, with data collected via a ...
  • Mbizi: empowerment and HIV/AIDS prevention for adolescent girls in Botswana 

    Nitza, A.; Chilisa, B.; Makwinja-Morara, V. (Routledge., 2010-06)
    This article describes a small group intervention for HIV/AIDS prevention among adolescent girls in Botswana. The psychoeducational group model is designed to empower girls to overcome the gender inequality that puts women ...