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  • Food insufficiency is associated with high-risk sexual behavior among women in Botswana and Swaziland 

    Weiser, S.D.; Leiter, K.; Bangsberg, D.R.; Butler, L.M.; Percy-de Korte, F.; Hlanze, Z.; Phaladze, N.; Iacopino, V.; Heisler, M. (Plos Medicine., 2007)
    Background: Both food insufficiency and HIV infection are major public health problems in sub-Saharan Africa, yet the impact of food insufficiency on HIV risk behavior has not been systematically investigated. We tested ...
  • A population-based study on alcohol and high-risk sexual behaviors in Botswana 

    Weiser, S. D.; Leiter, K.; Heisler, M.; McFarland, W.; Percy-de Korte, F.; DeMonner, S. M.; Tlou, S.; Phaladze, N.; Iacopino, V.; Bangsberg, D. R. (Public Library of Science,, 2006-01-01)
    Background In Botswana, an estimated 24% of adults ages 15–49 years are infected with HIV. While alcohol use is strongly associated with HIV infection in Africa, few population-based studies have characterized the association ...
  • Routine HIV testing in Botswana: a population-based study on attitudes, practices, and human rights concerns 

    Weiser, S.D.; Heisler, M.; Leiter, K.; Percy-de Korte, F.; Tlou, S.; DeMonner, S.; Phaladze, N.; Bangsberg, D.R.; Iacopino, V. (PLoS Medicine., 2006)
    Background The Botswana government recently implemented a policy of routine or "opt-out" HIV testing in response to the high prevalence of HIV infection, estimated at 37% of adults. Methods and Findings We conducted a ...