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  • African female physicians and nurses in the global care chain: qualitative explorations from five destination countries 

    Nkomazana, Oathokwa; Wojczewski, Silvia; Pentz, Stephen; Blacklock, Claire; Hoffmann, Kathryn; Peersman, Wim; Kutalek, Ruth (Public Library Science//, 2015-06-12)
    Migration of health professionals is an important policy issue for both source and destination countries around the world. The majority of migrant care workers in industrialized countries today are women. However, the ...
  • Diaspora engagement of African migrant health workers - examples from five destination countries 

    Wojczewski, Silvia; Poppe, Annelien; Hoffmann, Kathryn; Peersman, Wim; Nkomazana, Oathokwa; Pentz, Stephen; Kutalek, Ruth (Taylor and Francis;, 2015)
    Background: Migrant health workers fill care gaps in their destination countries, but they also actively engage in improving living conditions for people of their countries of origin through expatriate professional ...
  • Why there is an inverse primary-care law in Africa 

    Nkomazana, Oathokwa; Moosa, Shabir; Wojczewski, Silvia; Hoffmann, Kathryn; Poppe, Annelien; Peersman, Wim; Willcox, Merlin; Maier, Manfred; Derese, Anselme; Mant, David (Elsevier;, 2013)
    Many low-income and middle-income countries are now pursuing ambitious plans for universal primary care, but are failing to deliver adequate care quality because of intractable human resource problems—eg, in Uganda in 2009, ...