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  • Examination of Blepharis aspera as a possible Cu–Ni indicator plant 

    Nkoanea, B.B.M.; Wibetoe, G.; Lund, W.; Abegaz, B. (South African Journal of Science, 2007)
    BLEPHARIS ASPERA WAS COLLECTED FROM A copper–nickel mineralized area in Botswana and examined as a possible Cu–Ni indicator plant for biogeochemical prospecting. Different plant parts and the host soils were analysed using ...
  • Identification of Cu and Ni indicator plants from mineralised locations in Botswana 

    Nkoane, B.B.M.; Sawula, G.M.; Wibetoe, G.; Lund, W. (Elsevier, 2005)
    Plant species that accumulate high levels of metals in proportion to the metal content in the soil are of considerable interest in biogeochemical and biogeobotanical prospecting. This study was aimed at investigating ...