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  • Lake Ohrid, Albania, provides an exceptional multi-proxy record of environmental changes during the last glacial-interglacial cycle 

    Lezine, A-M.; von Grafenstein, U.; Andersen, N.; Belmecheri, S.; Bordon, A.; Caron, B.; Cazet, J.-P.; Erlenkeuser, H.; Fouache, E.; Grenier, C.; Huntsman-Mapila, P.; Hureau-Mazaudier, D.; Manelli, D.; Mazaud, A.; Robert, C.; Sulpizio, R.; Tiercelin, J.-J.; Zanchetta, G.; Zeqollari, Z. (Elsevier, 2010-01-11)
    Multi-proxy analyses on core JO2004-1 recovered from Lake Ohrid (40°55.000 N, 20°40.297E, 705 m a.s.l.) provide the first environmental and climate reconstruction in a mountainous area in Southern Europe over the last ...