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  • The genetic prehistory of southern Africa 

    Pickrell, Joseph K.; Patterson, Nick; Barbieri, Chiara; Berthold, Falko; Gerlach, Linda; Güldemann, Tom; Kure, Blesswell; Mpoloka, Sununguko Wata; Nakagawa, Hirosi; Naumann, Christfried; Lipson, Mark; Loh, Po-Ru; Lachance, Joseph; Mountain, Joanna; Bustamante, Carlos D.; Berger, Bonnie; Tishkoff, Sarah A.; Henn, Brenna M.; Stoneking, Mark; Reich, David; Pakendorf, Brigitte (Macmillan Publishers Limited,, 2012)
    Southern and eastern African populations that speak non-Bantu languages with click consonants are known to harbour some of the most ancient genetic lineages in humans, but their relationships are poorly understood. Here, ...